Sandy & The Linden Tree

Sandy and the Linden Tree

In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, add to that an unusual tornado sweeping by the Gateway Plaza, a few of Battery Park City’s majestic Linden trees just toppled over and died. The Parks people, to their credit, did not indiscriminately raze all the remaining ones, some visibly shaken and withering. Those that did not make it though were not replaced with the same species but with another of a hardier kind, more apt to survive. They said, the Linden trees were a poor choice for the esplanade with its shallow soil foundation, that their roots require depth and that depth the esplanade doth not possess. They of course fail to mention that years of trimming the lowest branches had encouraged the trees to grow upwards and anyone who understands the concept of an object’s center of gravity can quickly get the picture.

Ahhhh! Could this be why all of a sudden after years of non-action, the surviving Linden trees finally got a proper haircut? Why not extend the courtesy to the rest of the trees? But for those Linden trees that did not survive it is too late. They have been replaced by a fledgling tree type of the passive kind. The Linden trees had year after year faithfully done their part. An active participant, they exuded their aroma, contributing so generously to the sense of place now barely perceptible in the aftermath. If you’ve ever strolled along the Hudson between South Cove and North Cove on a late June day at dusk, prior to Sandy, you’ll know what I mean.

I’ll watch for it again this spring.


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