Has something you frequently use, bother you in its limitations or poor responsiveness to your needs?

Topics include design and sustainability for a healthy, healthful environment and anything within this framework that touches our daily life.

For each of its topics, the site is a venue for a critical look at its subject. It seeks to open the door for alternative means and methods to the way things are and the way things are done.

Our societal values have over time changed, technological advances thrive yet old means and methods persist. In many ways they evolve linearly and not cyclically nor laterally.

We are surrounded by consumer items from apparel to tools to appliances and processes that have become so engrained in our psyche, they are seldom questioned. Examples of ‘the way things are, and the way things are done’ abound. Sure, you can survive just fine with the way things work, and frankly, you have other things to do than dwell on how they can better fit your lifestyle but with every shift no matter how small, eureka moments are born. They lead to a leap in perspective and a new use of an idea.

If any of this sounds familiar, check in with us from time to time. We appreciate your reads and comments.

This is not a site for political opinion nor is it about the Kardashians… oops.


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